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When there isn't enough control - Permissive Parenting

It has become much more understood that children need more support and validation than we once realized, but at the same time they need to also have structure and consequences. Erin Heger wrote about permissive parenting after interviews with Robyn Rausch and Ellie Borden. Read the full article at Insider or check out the snippet below.

"As a parent, you may be drawn to a permissive style for several reasons, including:

  • You're naturally empathetic and value connection with your kids: "These parents are very understanding, and this allows them to be responsive to their children's needs and experiences. Their home and family often feel warm and loving," Rausch says.

  • You want to provide the connection, independence, and autonomy you didn't have growing up: Parents raised by authoritarian parents may try to "over-correct" with their own kids and swing too far in the opposite direction, Borden says.

  • You lack the tools, time, or emotional capacity to deal with parenting challenges: You may be more permissive when dealing with difficult life circumstances, like a job loss or sick relative — since giving into your kids' demands may feel easier at the moment. "

Read the rest of the article here.

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