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Should I Use My Insurance?

Many of us have insurance through employers or through the government programs. There are pros and cons to using your insurance, but it is important to make the best decision for your family. 


Diagnosis required 

Reduced privacy of medical info

Lower out of pocket cost

Sometimes limited number

of visits covered

Sometimes required to pay more than initial quote

Self Pay

No Diagnosis Required

Highest level of privacy

Higher out of pocket cost

As many sessions as needed

to meet goals

Exact cost known up front

How do I use my insurance? 

There are two options for using insurance: In-"Network and Out-of-Network. Both have the pros and cons listed above. With out-of-network benefits your insurance directly reimburses you for the costs of therapy, while in-network benefits reimburse the agency directly. At Calming Communities, PLLC, we process both types of claims so you do not have to deal with receipts or super bills or following up with the insurance.


Use the form below to learn more about the benefits your plan provides for out of network claims.

Check your Benefits

Check with your Insurance 

Use the Form Below


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