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This page is filled with the services we provide to support our community in raising happier, healthier kids so that we can grow a calmer, more confident community!  Browse the Page or click your title below to learn more about how we can support you.

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Teachers & Schools

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Being a fantastic therapist is about always growing and learning. As neuroscience tells us more about human psychology and development our trainings strive to keep therapists up to date and always increasing their skills. Click below to see what we have coming up.


We love to grow our field by supporting therapists in processing difficult cases. Currently, we have an ongoing virtual consultation group and we are happy to provide individual consultations.  Both Alice and Robyn are full of LPC Associates and unable to take on new relationships for weekly supervision.

Welcome Therapists

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Learn more about play therapy and working with children and teenagers i therapy. Trainings are suitable for students as well as professionals. 


We love to grow our field by supporting therapists-to-be. Calming Communities takes on students interested in working with children and families.

Learn More About
Play Therapy

Check out our resources on child development, play therapy and family dynamics. 

Connect with other Therapists

We regularly do networking events in the Houston, Katy area. Let us know if you are interested in learning about events we put on.

Welcome Students


Classroom Tools

Learn more about trauma-informed, neuro affirming classroom and school practices that can support classroom management and student success.

Teacher Talks

We love supporting teachers. As neuroscience rapidly gives us more and more information about child development and regulation we want to share those tools with you so you can support children in your classrooms.


Stuck on how to help one child? Reach out now to consult about how to connect with this child, manage their difficult behaviors, or increase academic success. These consultations by email are free one time consultations. Designed to give teachers and schools access to the latest 

Teacher Support

Teachers and school admin have a high demand job. You deal with children doing the hardest things they do each day, and you do it while meeting a millions tandards out down by governments that know little about what your job takes. If you are overwhelmed, stressed, burned out, or feeling helpless. Reach out now to get support for your mental health and strategies for managing this difficult career.

Welcome Schools


Parent Talks

Trying to host a parent talk? We would love to come talk about child development, mental health, or self-care for parents. Let us support your community by providing them the information they need to build happier, healthier lives and families.

Community Events

Hosting a community fair?  A race? A family event? We cherish every moment we can connect with our community. Let us know if you have a community event we can be a part of.

Welcome Community

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