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Our Therapy Services

Families are so complex because they are a single home trying to meet the eneds of several different people all at the same time. This creates conflict in the best of scenarios but especially when dome people aren't sure of their needs or when children have different needs than their parents did at their age. This is why we provide therapy for every age, gender and culture. If you aren't sure what type of therapy or which therapist might be the best fit for you and your family right now, contact us here to get some guidance. 

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How Can We Help?

Individual Therapy

Work with an expert to learn more about your psychology and better use your skills to optimize your life. (Best for Adults and Teens).

Playing with Wooden Toys

Play Therapy

Work with an expert  to help your child become the best possible version of themselves using their natural method learning and growing, play. (Best for Kids and Teens).

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Family Therapy

Work on building better communication and reducing conflict in family relationships. (Best for Teens and Parents).

Professional Speaking

Learn more skills to support kids and families in our community through supervision, training, or community talks. (Best for churches, schools, mental health professionals.

Unsure what might help?
Reach out now to get more information and help deciding what can help you and your family most.

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