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Young Family

Spend more time laughing and less time fighting.



Robyn D Rausch, MA, LPC-S, RPT-S

As a play therapist, I am here to help you be the parent or teacher you dreamed of being. To bring more laughing and less fighting to your most difficult moments with kids. My training and experience as a Registered Play Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor can provide you all the tools you need to make those dreams a reality.


Play Therapy Sessions

School Consultation

Parent Support Groups

Child Development Talks

Behavior Management Talks

Play Therapy Services

We can reduce the chaos and stress in your home.  Click below for more information about play therapy services.


Interested in having me speak to your families or staff? Click below to see some of the topics we can bring to your community.


Looking for an LPC Supervisor or a RPT Supervisor? Click below to learn more about working with me.


Barb Tanz, School Director of Christ Memorial ECLC

My goal for having Robyn speak at our Early Childhood Center was to open up a dialog to help parents. We are seeing a changing world where children are growing up. All parents want their child to be successful. New skills are needed. The parents received several helpful tools to make days and nights calmer. This adds to love relationships between parents and children, making it richer and full of good memories.

Kelsie Bacon, LMSW for The Treehouse

Robyn is a fun and energetic play therapist who is passionate about meeting the needs of children. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to children and the techniques and strategies that can be utilized to help children not only grow but thrive. Robyn's high level of passion and knowledge makes her a valuable asset to our communities and the fields of counseling and play therapy. 

Rama Yousef, LPC Associate, RPT in Training

I've attended several play therapy trainings led by Robyn. As a presenter, she is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and engaging. She ensures that the content is supported by theory and research and offers practical applications in the playroom. 


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