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Laugh More,
Fight Less

About Us

For most of us, there are times when life is a daily struggle. For some of us we go through periods of anxiety or depression where every little task leaves us exhausted and overwhelmed. For others, we feel stuck in a constant pattern of fighting and yelling with our partners or children. To make all of these difficult moments worse we feel like failures being judged by everyone around us for not being able to ake things work better. 

Calming Communities Counseling & Wellness, PLLC works to help individuals and families make changes to these patterns by looking at the neuroscience behind mental health, stress, communication and relationships to maximize the skills and strengths of each individual involved create a life filled with laugher, joy, and connection rather than conflict and isolation.

Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace
Family at a Beach
Family Fun in Field
Support Group
Helping Hands
Teacher and Student
Counseling Group

Our Programs

Helping You Build a Life with More Laughing and Less Fighting

Individual Therapy

Work with an expert to learn more about your psychology and better use your skills to optimize your life. (Best for Adults and Teens).

Playing with Wooden Toys

Play Therapy

Work with an expert  to help your child become the best possible version of themselves using their natural method learning and growing, play. (Best for Kids and Teens).

Portrait of a happy black family mother father and kids at home on couch .jpg

Family Therapy

Work on building better communication and reducing conflict in family relationships. (Best for Teens and Parents).

Professional Speaking

Learn more skills to support kids and families in our community through supervision, training, or community talks. (Best for churches, schools, mental health professionals.


Learn more about Calming Communities and Therapy in the articles below, or see more on our resources page!

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