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How to Help Kids Develop Self-Regulation

Wendy Wisner wrote about self-regulation in kids for Self-regulation is the ability to calm your emotions which allows for better learning, decision-making, and social skills. Children develop self-regulation by experiencing co-regulation from their parents throughout their childhood. In this article, Robyn and other professionals gave interviews about how to help children develop self-regulation. Read the snippet below and check out the full article here.

"We are not simply born with the ability to self-regulate, but we ideally develop these skills during childhood by learning to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and, over time, control sudden outbursts of emotion.
'Self-regulation lets humans handle strong emotions such as rage, righteousness, panic, stress and grief in healthy ways that protect their physical and mental health and allow them to continue successfully functioning in their daily lives,' says Robyn Rausch, licensed professional counseling supervisor and play therapist who specializes in helping children with dysregulation disorders such as ADHD."

Check out the full article here.

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