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Five Strategies for Self-care

Updated: Mar 4

In an interview with Authority Magazine, Robyn Reyna talks about how to choose the right kind of self-care for you, and her top 5 self-care tips. Read the snippet below or check out the full interview here.

"My mistake that comes to mind is one that I think a lot of people make right now, believing that being calm is the ultimate steppingstone to being happy. For me, this resulted in years of people-pleasing and feeling like I was never enough. The reality is that focusing on calming down results in many people ignoring who they are, which creates anxiety and causes them to miss out on big, joyous feelings as well. The goal should not be to achieve “calm,” but to achieve authenticity. The ability to express yourself and experience all feelings, even negative feelings let you enjoy who you are and every experience. This is the source of happiness."

Check out the rest of the interview here.

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