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Balancing Home and School Screen Time

Updated: Mar 4

One of the many side effects of the pandemic is a significant increase in academic screen time for kids. It's well known now that screen time has negative impacts on the development and mental health of kids. Robyn Reyna provided an interview on how to balance home and school screen time for Very Well Family. Read a snippet below or check out the full article here.

" 'Teach kids about how screens make our brains and bodies tired and stressed,' Rausch adds. 'When you notice extra screen time is causing emotional or oppositional behavior, tell them what you see and explain they need to take a break from screens.'

Unstructured time can also be a powerful tool for kids, Rausch notes. Giving kids breaks away from screens just to explore and even feel "bored" is invaluable. 'If you have the chance, suggest that kids be outside for at least an hour before they have any screen time,' she says. In fact, many of the harms done by screens can be remedied with unstructured free time and access to nature, adds Rausch."

Check out the rest of the article at Very Well Family.

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