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Robyn D Reyna, LPC-S

Trainer and public speaker

Supervisor for Texas LPC and RPT

Group Owner

Feeling helpless, stuck and overwhelmed with your spouse and kids is an incredibly common experience, but it never feels common. It always feels like we are the only ones who can’t get our family together in a happy day to day life.  The reality is parenting is harder than ever thanks to the decrease in free play, increase in screen time, and increase in over scheduling.  Our culture demands so much more of kids and parents these days that it makes sense we are struggling to keep up with our changing needs.


More than ever, kids are struggling with anxiety, depression, neurodivergence advocacy, social skills, and sensory difficulties. With their brains and nervous systems developing in such a fast paced and over stimulating world, constantly bombarding them with flashing screens, competitive gaming, and social media star comparisons . . . it’s no wonder they are struggling so much.

In turn, parents are trying to parent a generation of kids through these new challenges with no experience or guidance on how to manage these things for themselves much less for their young kids. And it only gets more complicated if those kids are neurodivergent, have experienced trauma, or simply have strong personalities.


Family life is a never-ending journey of change. Sometimes that journey is rough, and sometimes it feels completely impossible, but rarely is it what we expect. I help families by using the new neuroscience information we have to help parents and kids repattern their nervous system, learn more about meeting their mental and emotional needs, and developing parenting strategies that are the perfect fit for their unique family. At the end of therapy, children have the skills and confidence to advocate for themselves and regulate through struggles while parents have the skills to approach new parenting difficulties that come up as their children grow.

Robyn works with:

  • Children ages 0-18

  • Adults struggling with parenting, co-parenting, or anxiety.

  • Dysregulation disorders (Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Processing, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Trauma, Dyslexia, Chronic health problems, etc.)

Robyn specializes in:

  • Aggressive and oppositional meltdown behaviors

  • Perfectionistic and anxious meltdown behaviors

  • Neuro-affirming therapy

  • Trauma therapy

  • Co-parenting

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(713) 635-9422

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