Calming Communities is Thrilled to be a Part of the Child Protection Roundtable!

Texas has emerged as the epicenter of the growth in our nation’s child population in the 21st Century. The good news is that every day, millions of Texas parents make raising their children their highest family priority, giving their children a strong start toward a fulfilling and productive life.

Unfortunately, that is not every child’s reality. Far too many Texas children are subjected to abuse and neglect with staggering adverse legal, moral, and economic consequences to these children and our society.

The Child Protection Roundtable (the “Roundtable”) was founded in 2008 to convene the leading voices of child protection across Texas and to empower those diverse voices to speak with unity, shared purpose and maximum impact.

The Roundtable adopted a charter in late 2016 that included a multi-organization governance structure and continues to serve as a convener for those Texas organizations engaged in child welfare which share a child-centered common vision and seek to leverage data, resources and strategy to achieve more progress collectively than could be achieved individually.

TexProtects and its founder, Madeline McClure, were the driving force in launching the Roundtable and deserve great credit and gratitude for their efforts – as do the many individuals who actively engage in the Roundtable’s work, contributing in many ways large and small toward protecting our state’s most precious resource - our children.

This is why we exist and what we do.

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