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Rachel Johnson, LPC- Associate

Supervised by Robyn D Reyna, LPC-S, RPT-S

My Mission

My mission is to help adults and children strengthen their authentic selves to feel capable, confident, and optimistic daily. With parents/guardians, a passion of mine is to help strengthen the relationship between them and their children to have a deeper connection. Wounds aren’t always physical; emotional wounds can create long-lasting pain that seems invisible to others. These wounds can cause us to become misaligned with our authentic selves. I believe people can change by understanding and processing their emotions and learning to respond to situations in new ways. Emotional wounds, like physical wounds, need time to heal. When we begin to find our inner strength and realign ourselves with our wants and needs, we become better equipped to handle what life may throw our way. I want to serve diverse marginalized populations and create safe spaces that allow people to be their authentic selves.

My Focus:  My focus is working with children and adults who are struggling with feeling comfortable in their lives.  This can range from learning to deal with interpersonal conflicts, processing strong emotions, emotional dysregulation, trauma, anxiety, and even understanding their gender expression and sexual orientation. I want to meet you where you are in your journey and support you on the path forward with unconditional positive regard so you can thrive.

My Experience: I have worked with children experiencing anxiety, ADHD, emotional dysregulation, and emotional withdrawal. I have also worked with adults experiencing burnout, anxiety, exploration of gender expression, and interpersonal conflicts. I am passionate about working with clients apart of marginalized populations, including people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and clients who struggle with anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and low self-esteem. I have co-facilitated a child-parent relationship group allowing parents to explore and build a stronger relationship with their children and their understanding of them.

My Technique: I am a Person-Centered therapist-in-training. My role is to support you, my client, on your journey. I can help you gain insight into your inner strengths and give you opportunities to foster growth within yourself. I trust that YOU ultimately know what’s best for you, and my role is to help you reconnect with what resonates with your inner self. You are resilient. I will be a part of your support system and do my best to create an environment of unconditional acceptance and empathy for you, allowing us to use our time together for therapeutic healing and growth.

As a Play therapist-in-training, my primary technique in working with children is person-centered play therapy. My work with children focuses on exploring the thoughts and feelings behind behavior and addressing these underlying concerns through play. This process allows the child to get to the deeper concerns and address the emotions behind their actions, but it will take time, just like it does for adults. In addition, I use the child-parent relationship therapy model to help parents build on their connections with their children and teach parents the best ways to support their child’s individual needs during parent consults. This allows parents access to more skills they can use in everyday life.

About Me: I was born and raised in the Katy area. I spend my free time at the gym, playing video games, watching anime, baking, or painting. I spend most of my free time with my family or friends exploring new fun food places in the area. I decided to become a counselor when I realized how much I naturally enjoyed helping others and giving people a safe space to express themselves. After meeting a play therapist, I discovered my passion for helping children could also be accomplished within the same field. I am a fun-loving, down-to-earth,  passionate person. I am dedicated to helping foster protective factors through connection, preventative education, empathy, and mental health care. 


Licensed Professional Counselor- Associate (TX), 2023

Prairie View A&M University- Bachelor of Science in Psychology, minor in Sociology

The University of North Texas- Masters of Science in Counseling


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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