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Rama Yousef, LPC Associate

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My Story

Parents want to do their best for their kids and that can be tough when you aren’t sure about the “why” behind your child’s behaviors. While you try different approaches hoping to see a change, it doesn’t happen and both you and your child may begin feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.


I am a curious, creative introvert who likes to laugh. I love reading, hiking, cats, chocolate, and KPOP. Tangled is one of my favorite movies. I like to go on walks in the park with my mom, cook and play board games with my friends, and travel to new places. I love learning languages and about other cultures. I can't wait to meet you and start working together on a better tomorrow!

Therapy Practice Areas:

I establish a therapeutic relationship with kids and teens that allows them to explore different ways of thinking and being by exploring the thoughts and feelings behind their behaviors. I help kids learn to regulate their emotions and increase their feelings of confidence and connectedness. I provide play therapy to children 2-12, which may incorporate non-directive and directive play, art techniques, and bibliotherapy. With teens older than 12, my approach to therapy is more activity and talk based.

I work alongside the adults in a child’s life to help them better understand the child’s personality and what a child’s behavior is communicating. I teach parents relationship-building, discipline, and communication strategies rooted in neuroscience and child development research.

I work with a variety of presenting concerns including anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, behavioral concerns, anger management, self-esteem issues, school issues, life transitions/adjustment disorders, trauma, and attachment.

My Experience

I am an LPC Associate specializing in working with kids and teens. I have a Master’s of Education in Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts in English-Creative Writing; both from the University of Houston. I have had specialized training in play therapy and am currently pursuing the Registered Play Therapist (RPT) credential. I am currently serving as the Membership Director of the Sam Houston Chapter of the Texas Association for Play Therapy. In addition to my experience as a therapist, I was an educator for seven years and have extensive knowledge of child development. I speak English and Arabic.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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